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It is time to make a life, not just a living

Psychotherapy for Adults and Adolescents in California

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How Dr. Jen Can Help You

Do you find yourself feeling unfulfilled in your relationships and/or your career? Perhaps feeling stuck on how to move forward? Are you thriving in your career but feel as though something is missing? Is your social and dating life bringing up insecurities?

You relationships and work are fundamental to your identity and well-being - it requires focused attention. I help patients to look closely at parts of themselves that are ready to be seen and understood. We will collaborate in ways that will ultimately soften your anxiety, depression, and defense mechanisms that are no longer serving you. I have acquired years of hands-on experience helping patients manage frustration and hopelessness in their lives. I am especially passionate about empowering women and other marginalized people to find their voice.

Together, we will start where you are and begin a relationship that can guide you to where you want to be. 

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Get to Know Yourself and Others More Deeply

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For Individuals, Couples, and Groups

Relationships can be complicated; but as you begin to understand yourself more, your relationship dynamics become more clear. You will feel more in control and in turn, hardships will be reduced. 

In our therapeutic relationship, you will gain insight about yourself and learn how YOU communicate best, increase your self-esteem, understand the defenses that are holding you back, and begin engaging in adaptable habits that can lead to more reciprocal relationships. 


For Young Adults and Individuals

Oftentimes, unresolved internal conflicts can play out in our place of work. As we create more insight around ourselves in relation to work, relief and increased connectedness develops. 

Whether it is feeling stuck with how to move forward in your work or help with finding your greater purpose, I can help you explore options that you might not know are there.


In order to understand yourself, another mind is needed in the room with you. 
As you begin to see yourself through the eyes of someone else, you will gain awareness and a deeper understanding of yourself in other parts of your life.

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"Life is a balance between holding on and letting go"


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Questions? Contact me today for a free consultation.

1849 Sawtelle Blvd Suite #510

Los Angeles, CA 90025
(virtual sessions available)

Phone: (424) 341-4132

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