Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

I’m a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with two main focuses:

relationship and career success. 

I believe that when these two areas of our lives are given the attention they need, it opens us up to giving and receiving attention to all parts of our True Selves and achieving a balanced lifestyle. 

The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by identifying the root of symptoms (i.e., depression, anxiety, anger) and using a holistic and dynamic approach to helping oneself. 

I am certified in psychoanalytic and cognitive-behavioral therapy which allows me to tailor treatments for both short-term and long-term therapeutic work. 



Post-Doctoral Fellowship

  • Conducted long-term psychodynamic therapy to adults with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, grief and other mood disorders in an outpatient setting

  • Co-lead the Borderline Personality Disorder process-group utilizing DBT and Mentalization therapy

Practicum Training

  • Conducted cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy with children and adolescents with mood and developmental disorders

  • Conducted family therapy to coordinate treatment and discuss progress

  • Facilitated social communication, coping skills, mindfulness, and self-esteem groups


  • Alliant International University - APA Accredited Program

    • Family, Child & Couples Emphasis​

  • University of California, Berkeley ​

    • Bachelor of Arts in Psychol​ogy


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