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I offer a variety of services that will help you to overcome challenges 
and allow yourself to achieve your individual goals



Deeply Personal & Resolving Core Conflicts

When there is a commitment to therapy being a part of your life, you will see long-lasting change. In this therapy, I am given the opportunity to see the parts of you that may go unseen or kept hidden. We work together to make the unconscious becomes conscious, thus, core issues and root causes will be addressed. 

Sessions are typically one to three times a week and great for: life-long depression and anxiety, substance use, eating disorders, relationship issues, grief/loss and processing traumatic experiences.


Elevated Communication

Couples therapy grants us the opportunity to work through and discuss conflicts that are often repressed, withheld, avoided, and mixed with anger and resentment. 

In this therapy, we work together to talk about mutual hurt that is occurring in the relationship and learning how to talk about conflicts outside the therapy space. 

Sessions typically start at once a week and typically switches to biweekly or monthly. Couples therapy is great for: infidelity, sexual and intimacy issues, marriage/commitment phobia, LGBTQ+ relationships, and a desire to find the YOU in your relationship. 


Connectedness & Universality

Group therapy is a wonderful adjunct to individual therapy. It allow you to get to know yourself and others in the moment. Group therapy also creates a connectedness, universality, and support. 

Current Openings

  • Process Group for Young Adults (18-25yo)​

    • A space to work through social issues and gain support during a transitional point in your life.

  • Divorce/Break-Up Process Group (all genders)

    • Heartbreak is a loss in its own category. This process group allows for support from others to process feelings of loss, guilt, regret, and relief. Through this outlet, you may learn how others see you in relationships.

Not sure about which services are right for you? 
A phone consultation can help determine where to start.

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